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anon loves it <3

Altaria line is one of my total fabs <3 And it fits so darn well aaah

srsly single ahoge Swablu ftw

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oh mY GOd someone hELP ME

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“Won’t you be lonely?” Kanou asked. 

The snow slowly drifted down, unbiased to the one-sided conversation. 

Kanou understood why Mihashi wanted to leave but it didn’t mean he wanted to understand. He watched Mihashi, the former pitcher of Mihoshi biting his lips, desperately trying to hold back his tears, his eyes shifting to everything but Kanou. 

“Mihashi… Just, don’t give up.” 

And then these kitties parted and they found their respective boyfriends. 

Although Abe and Mihashi really must work on their communication skills. 

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By mikekos333



By mikekos333

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Behold - the piglet.

Behold - the piglet.

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” He cried easily, but he also laughed a lot. “

My ugububu&#160;;  u ;)


” He cried easily, but he also laughed a lot.

My ugububu ;  u ;)


Yonaga gets emotional during Vitamin Z live event.

Kakkoii yo, Wing :’ >

I’m sorry world, I cannot contribute to society because I’m watching Yonaga going uguububu. In a silly dress.

Patrzcie, jak Yonaga płacze. Boże, jaki żal.

God they cry at the end, stupid Yonaga in a stupid dress, nuuu don’t cry Wingu bubuuuuu guuuys

Moe? In my oofuri? 
More likely than you think!

Moe? In my oofuri? 

More likely than you think!

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